Welcome to The Disneyland® Guide for Families (Unofficial). You don't have to be part of a family to use this reference guide. By all means, anyone is welcome to use it. Just find what is useful for you and your situation.

This blog began it's life as a manuscript for a book that was never published, so there is a ton of content here. The bulk of the information that is only occasionally updated is listed under the "Chapters", and will probably be where you spend most of your time. The "home" page has additions that are more like comments on current events related to the Disneyland® Resort, or just fun things that I continue to find.

I love to hear from people who have used the information contained in this blog. Please let me know if you have found the information helpful, and if there is something else you think I should talk about, let me know!

Index Page; Where to Find What you are Looking For

When to Visit, Places to Stay and Transportation Page

What is the Disneyland Resort?
When to visit the Disneyland Resort
Places to Stay
How to get around

Good Things to Think about When Preparing for your Trip Page

Park Passes
Dressing Comfortably
Grocery Delivery
What to take into the Park
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
Strollers: to bring or not to bring
Controlling the "Mommy, I wants"

The Big Day!  Going into the Park Page

Breezing through Security Check
Keeping Kids Safe
Fastpass, Child Switch Pass, and Early Park Admission
Long Line Entertainment
Staying Fed & Watered
Meet the Mouse
Breaks inside the Parks

Resources Inside the Parks Page

Your Guide to the Parks
City Hall & Guest Relations Lobby
First Aid, Lost Child Booth & Baby Center
Emergency Baby Bottle
Stroller & Wheelchair Rental
Bank of Main Street
Kennel Facilities
Package Check Services

Attraction Summaries for Disneyland Park Page

Minimum Height Requirements
Main Street USA
New Orleans Square
Critter Country
Mickey's Toontown
More Fun Things to See & Do

Attraction Summaries for Disney's California Adventure Park Page

Minimum Height Requirements
Sunshine Plaza
Hollywood Pictures Backlot
A Bug's Land
Golden State
Paradise Pier
More Fun Things to See & Do

Links, Glossary, & Useful Information Page

Phone Numbers