Welcome to The Disneyland® Guide for Families (Unofficial). You don't have to be part of a family to use this reference guide. By all means, anyone is welcome to use it. Just find what is useful for you and your situation.

This blog began it's life as a manuscript for a book that was never published, so there is a ton of content here. The bulk of the information that is only occasionally updated is listed under the "Chapters", and will probably be where you spend most of your time. The "home" page has additions that are more like comments on current events related to the Disneyland® Resort, or just fun things that I continue to find.

I love to hear from people who have used the information contained in this blog. Please let me know if you have found the information helpful, and if there is something else you think I should talk about, let me know!

Links, Useful Information, and Glossary about the Disneyland® Resort


Disneyland® Resort Main Page

PhotoPass Welcome Page

Meeting House Locator

Downtown Disney®

Micechat instructions on the tricks of the Fastpass® system

Phone Numbers

Priority Seating for Dining (including Character Dining) Up to 60 Days in advance
(714) 781-DINE (3463)

Disneyland® Resort Guest Information (live person)
(714) 781-7290

24 Hour Recorded Information
(714) 781-4565

Disneyland® Lost and Found
(714) 781-2166


Mailing Address
Disneyland Resort
P.O. Box 3232
Anaheim, CA 92803-3232

Parking Address
Mickey & Friends Parking Structure
1313 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92802


To make reading this blog easier here is a Glossary to help with common terms that are used.

Attractions: The rides

Break Spaces: A good place to take a break. In this blog they are mentioned in the attraction summary under each land’s heading.

Cast Members: Anyone that works for Disney that you see in the park is called a “cast member.”

Central Plaza: The park-like area in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at the end of Main Street USA. It’s also known as “The Hub” because four of the lands are accessible from this area. Central Plaza is at the opposite end of Main Street from Town Square. (See also Town Square)

Characters: Cast members who are dressed as cartoon beings, such as Mickey, the Mad Hatter, Ariel, or the Queen of Hearts.

Character Meal: A Disney dinning option where Disney characters come to your table for one-on-one attention.

City Hall: Essentially “Guest Services” in Disneyland® park. It’s the best place to go for help. If it’s your first trip to Disneyland®, or if it’s your birthday, you can stop in and get a button to wear. If you have a child (or someone else) with special needs this is a good first stop in the park. (See also Guest Relations Lobby)

Dark Rides: A type of attraction that is inside a building. Usually you ride in a car or boat of some sort. It has nothing to do with the theme or feeling of the ride. It’s a Small World is the most cheerful ride in the park, but it is classified as a “dark ride”.

FASTPASS®: A ticket that holds your place in line, while you enjoy other parts of the park.

FASTPASS ® Distribution: where you get your FASTPASS® ticket.

FASTPASS® Return: where you go when it is your return time to ride the attraction.

Guest Relations Lobby: Essentially “Guest Services” in California Adventure® park. It’s the best place to go for help in California Adventure® park..

Lands: Disneyland® and California Adventure® are divided into different themed areas, each of which is known as its own “land”. For example, Adventureland is themed around jungle areas, and Main Street USA is patterned after a 1910 version of Walt Disney’s hometown. Adventureland and Main Street USA are each “lands”.

Meet & Greet: A place to meet Disney Characters like Pluto or Ariel or Mickey.

Motion Ride: An attraction that moves the riders in sync to a video presentation. Star Tours is a motion ride.

Rivers of America: The lagoon around Tom Sawyer Island.

Security Check Booth: Security Personnel will check over bags and strollers being brought into the park.

Shows: Disneyland® offers live entertainment at scheduled times throughout the day. They change from year to year, so they are not covered in detail in this book.

Town Square: Is a park-like area in front of Disneyland® Railroad’s Main Street Station at the front end of Main Street USA. Bank of Main Street flanks it to the right, and City Hall to the left. Town Square is at the opposite end of Main Street from the Central Plaza. (See “Central Plaza”).

Walk Through: An attraction where the guests walk through the ride on their own power at their own speed.