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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Disneyland Resort Mobile Website

With all the advertisements for Mobile Magic as a mobile application I thought I would do some research. Since I don’t have a mobile device I don’t have anywhere to download it, BUT I did discover something for us cheapo-s called “Mobile Website”. It’s free, as opposed to Mobile Magic, which is about $10 for 180 days, and works on any browser-enabled mobile phone. In fact it even works on my desktop and is accessed at

Here is what I discovered about the free Mobile Website. It covers both parks of the Disneyland Resort, but choosing between Disneyland park and Disney’s California Adventure park is the first choice you get to make on the home page.

Information is available regarding: Attractions, Dining, Park Hours, Character Meet & Greets, Entertainment Schedules, Transportation, Guest Services, and the Weather.

Attractions can be browsed by: Land, Wait Time, FASTPASS Availability, Features, Type, Recommended Ages, and Height Requirement. Land is obvious, what rides are in which land. Wait time comes in “see now”, “moderate”, and “high demand”. Since “The Enchanted Tiki Room” came up as “high demand” and “Finding Nemo” came up as “moderate” while I was browsing, I tend to doubt the accuracy of those prognostications, but they were constantly changing those wait times while I browsed, so at least they’re trying. FASTPASS availability was either “unavailable”, “limited availability” or “available”; no current return times were listed. Features tells you which rides are FASTPASS, Wheelchair Accessible, Wheelchair Transfer Required, and allow Rider Switch. Type is a selection of categories that make it easier for you to choose rides based on your group’s interests. Recommended Ages sorts attractions by pre-schoolers, kids, pre-teens & teens, and all ages. Height Requirement is a little deceiving. It lists various heights, but it only lists the rides that have that as the requirement. For example: Autopia has a 32” height requirement, and say your child meets the 40” height requirement. If you look under 40” it will not list Autopia, even though your child that is 40” could ride it. It will only list the rides that have 40” as their height requirement, not the 32” or 35” required attractions. There is also an attraction summary available for each ride which includes all of the above information as well as a synopsis and guest polices regarding disability access, etc.

Dining can be sorted by land, meals served, cuisine type, service type, price range, and priority seating. Land is obviously location, and can be pretty handy to look at to see what’s close. Meals served is Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or snack. Cuisine means American food, Italian, Vegitarian, etc. Service type means is it Character dining, or quick service or casual dining. Nothing came up when I clicked on “priority seating”. The Blue Bayou came up under “View All Dining” and when I sorted by “land” but not anywhere else, it’s listed as “special and unique” dining.

Character section was logically sorted by Character. You are given that day’s availability times, and location. Although I noticed that all the fairies location was listed as “fantasyland” and not the specific “pixie hollow”.

Enertainment Schedules, Transportation, and Guest Services are all static information pages that give current information. The Weather page is accessed from the home page, and gives that day’s weather current weather and predicted high and lows as well as predicted temps at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm, as well as weather for the next 5 days.

I thought this was a pretty useful little site considering it's free.

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